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“InTune Studios gives you the tools needed to thrive in any music environment. Things are explained in ways that are easily understood. Without InTune Studios I would not be half the musician I am today.”
— Scott

What we do

We provide beginner and intermediate private lessons for guitar, bass, drums and voice.

We’re unique in that we build personalized lessons to help you play what you want. You’re unique (partially) because of your musical tastes and we don’t want to change that. Whether you’re into heavy rock or soft acoustic melodies, either way is fine with us.

Maybe you want to create your own music or learn your favorite song? That’s ok too. We also encourage our students to try what they learn at one of the many area open mic nights. We have most of them listed on our events calendar.

Who we serve

We work with adults, and children over the age of five. We’re crazy enough to believe that everyone should play a musical instrument regardless of age (that includes you). It’s good for your mental, spiritual and physical health. Seriously. Trust us.

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